Anonymous said : do you think Midnight Memories was a flop? 


Uh, no. Midnight Memories:

  • Sold four million copies
  • Hit number one in 20 countries
  • Was the best-selling album of 2013

It was very decidedly not a flop.

That said, it could have been even more

I’ve talked about this before, but here’s my fandom origin story: one of my acquaintances tweeted something like “Story of My Life by One Direction on repeat. No shame.” I listened to the song. I loved the song. I bought the song. I told myself that would be it. Then I read a few album reviews on sites for adults — I specifically remember this one. So I bought the album (“decent British folk-pop in the mold of Mumford & Sons and Ed Sheeran” got my attention). And I was surprised by how much of it I liked. (I really love “Happily,” “Something Great,” and “Through the Dark” in particular.) I told myself THAT would be it. Aaaaand then obviously within a week I had watched hours of YouTube videos and bought UAN and TMH as well. (It was maybe a week or two later that I started researching Harry and Louis.)

All this to say: this album certainly brought in a few new adult fans, including me, but it could have been their grand introduction to a new, more sustainable demographic. Especially after their SNL performance, which lots of adults genuinely loved.

Here’s hoping album four is actually marketed to adults.

Anonymous said : Do you think the picture louis has on his nightstand is the first picture they took together? In the bathroom.. And still with Harry's signature? And every time he looks at the pic he always rememberes that moment and just smiles fondly 'cause that 16 year old boy is now his 20 year old boyfriend/fiancé/husband that sleeps right beside him.. 



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